Heat pump

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Heat pump

This solution is becoming increasingly popular, especially thanks to its very low upkeep costs. The possibility of installing a heat pump depends on individual local factors. (Consult our advisers to find out if you can take advantage of such a solution).

A heat pump is a device which pumps heat from areas with low temperatures into the domestic heating system. Thanks to this it is possible to absorb heat from the ground, air or water and then use it for heating our house.

Depending on the source of heat and how it is returned, heat pumps can be divided into the following types:

  • air-air (heat absorbed from the outside air and released inside the house),
  • air-water (heat absorbed from air and used for heating water in the heating system),
  • glycol-water (heat is absorbed from the ground by a non-freezing liquid and released into the water in our heating system),
  • water-water (heat absorber from well, river or pond water and released into the water in the heating system).
  • Heat pumps use less energy the lower the temperature of the heat they need to produce. Due to this fact they are usually used in cooperation with low-temperature heating systems, i.e., underfloor heating. Obviously a heat pump could also support a radiator installation, but at the cost of a higher energy consumption. Generally air-water-type pumps are the easiest to install as they do not require additional expenses for building a lower heat input, e.g. a ground system. Unfortunately in the case of low external temperatures such pumps are characterized by the lowest efficiency ratio, i.e., the relationship between energy input and heat energy output. In terms of this ratio, the best pump types are glycol-water and water-water pumps, however, their installation is more expensive and complicated.

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