Mechanical ventilation with recuperation

Wentylacja mechaniczna

Mechanical ventilation with recuperation

A mechanical ventilation installation with recuperation is the most often chosen energy-saving system which is becoming a standard in single-family housing.

How does it work?

Mechanical ventilation with heat recuperation has to main functions. Above all, automatic air exchange and the use of a heat exchanger makes more efficient use of the energy required to heat the building and minimizes its losses (which usually occur in the case of buildings with a traditional ventilation system). Furthermore, it improves interior comfort, because automatically regulated air exchange allows to obtain optimal air parameters, thus creating an interior microclimate which is beneficial for the building’s inhabitants. The conditions which are crucial for the efficiency of traditional ventilation systems, such as woodwork air-tightness or the outside climate, become irrelevant when we install a recuperator. Summing up, a mechanical ventilation system with recuperation not only allows to cut exploitation costs, but also to increase habitant comfort. It needs stressing, however, that the installation of such a system is a costly, long-term investment with a payback period of a dozen or more years. It is probable that such installations will become an obligatory standard in the near future, considering their advantages and planned European standards regarding the energy efficiency of buildings.

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