BSH zgodnie z EN DIN14080:2005

Harmonized European product standard for glued laminated timber

Attention: at the time of the present text’s publishing the use of glulam compliant with DIN EN 14080 in Germany was not regulated. Glulam compliant with DIN EN 14080 can be produced and sold in Germany, but not installed in buildings!

The EN 14080: 2005-09 „Holzbauwerke – Brettschichtholz –Anforderungen“ standard (requirements regarding BSH wood construction materials) is a harmonized European product standard for BSH, i.e., it is one of the standards developed by the European Commision with the aim of standardizing free trade in building products within the European Union. Harmonized European product standards should replace competing national standards. The publication of a harmonized European standard in the European Official Journal starts a co-existence phase, after which appropriate national regulations will be annulled.

In the case of the EN 14080: 2005-09 a co-existence phase from April 1st 2006 until April 1st 2007 was established. In the meantime this phase has been prolonged by another three years and was meant to expire on December 1st 2010.

Theoretically it is the harmonized European standard that should be used during the co-existence period, while previous national standards should only be used as an alternative. In reality, due to the reasons addressed below, products compliant with the EN 14080 standard can be produced and traded in Germany, however, they cannot yet be used

In Germany the use of glulam compliant with EN 14080: 2005-09 (a material available on the market, however not applicable without additional regulations concerning its use) should be regulated by the DIN V 20000-3 standard „the use of construction materials in buildings – Part 3: Glued laminated timber”. Once developed, this standard will specify, inter alia, acceptable deviations from encumbrance levels defined in European standards. It will also make using formaldehyde class E1 glulam obligatory.

Source: Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau

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